a virtual check in
for young women

Get consistent and intentional about honoring your wants + needs.

Weekly Well Check

Join me in community and self-care every Sunday with a free 15 minute video leading you through affirmations and manifestations for the coming week.

Live Check In Every 1st Sunday
via ZOOM.

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showing up for yourself is hard.

You want to commit to your growth, but it’s hard to stay motivated.
Between your schooling, your job, and your other responsibilities, it’s hard to reserve time and energy for yourself. 

You might think you need an accountability partner and more motivation.
I think you could benefit from compassion, connection, and courage.

Join me in community for a weekly well check where you’ll be led through reflections and intentions for the week.
Let’s make space for your feelings, your dreams, and your magic. 

let's do it together

This series is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute as nor substitute for therapy.  
Participation does not constitute a therapist/client relationship.

Going after what YOU really want is an act of bravery that requires you to choose yourself daily.

I know.  I'm in the thick of it.

After years of planning, roadblocks, and excuses, I'm honoring my needs + wants and helping others do the same.

FEEL is my offering to bring together like minded women in a community of encouragement and love.
Therapy is a great path to healing. But so is community.  It's how humans have survived and thrived all of these years.

therapist, empath, recovering perfectionist

Meet Lea!

visualize your best self so you can start showing up as her.

A moodboard template in multiple formats.

Weekly affirmations and prompts.

Guidance from a mental health professional.

A community to support you.

what you'll get:

you'll leave with:

Accomplished.  Motivated.  Relieved.
But more importantly, more compassion, connection, and courage to choose yourself

you'll feel:

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— brene' brown

we don't have to go at it alone. 
we were never meant to.

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Visualize your best self so you can begin to show up as her.