a creative therapuetic experience

Discover what's keeping you stuck so you can begin to make positive change.

Grow through it

Join me in community, self-care, and creativity  
as we explore the mindset and cycles that keep us from making meaningful change.

Limited seats available.
Sales end this Friday, August 28th.

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no one likes feeling stuck 

Are you frustrated with where you are in life? 
You feel like you should be further along, but you continue making choices that you know you will regret. 
You could use some direction and support for encouragement and momentum.

Let me reassure you....
You are not alone.
And nothing is wrong with you.

During this virtual experience we'll come together to address mindset to help us move forward with compassion, understanding, and intention.
You'll leave with clarity on what's keeping you stuck and confidence about moving forward.

We're making this an interactive experience during which we'll be lead through a live painting activity (see the piece below). 
Art making has been shown to help with holding emotion, coping, soothing, expression and mindfulness, 

it's Time for Growth

This is a virtual event that is only open to local DFW residents.
This event is for educational purposes only. It does not constitute as nor substitute for therapy.  
Nor does this event constitute a therapy/client relationship.

Going after what YOU really want is an act of bravery that requires you to choose yourself daily.

I know.  I'm in the thick of it.

After years of planning, roadblocks, and excuses, I'm honoring my needs + wants and helping others do the same.

FEEL is my offering to bring together like minded women in a community of encouragement and love.
Therapy is a great path to healing. But so is community.  It's how humans have survived and thrived all of these years.

"We don't have to do it alone.  We were never meant to." -Brene' Brown

therapist, go getter, recovering perfectionist

Meet Lea!

— margeaux feldman

"we're taught that our issues are ours to deal with and we're expected to figure it ourselves.  this is not how healing or growth happens.  we need connection which we get through a sense of belonging and the power of intimacy."

this is a must attend if...

You're sick of finding yourself in the same situations over and over.

You're in need of some self-care.

You are currently in or interested in therapy.

You would benefit from being in community with like minded people.

You enjoy creative expression. 

You are ready to commit to making positive change in your life.

An understanding of why it's difficult to change.

Tools to help you when you are feeling frustrated.

An action plan to begin making change in your life. 

A beautiful painting you've created to inspire you

what you'll get:

you'll leave with:

More compassion for yourself AND
more confident to move forward with intention.

you'll feel:

all for only $49

A 16x20 canvas outlined with the art work

Paint & Brushes

Live access to the virtual workshop

Supplies to be picked up from a designated location the day prior to the workshop

creative exploration

this workshop includes:

— brene' brown


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"One day you will look back and realize all along you were blooming."

-Morgan Harper Nichols