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"We don't have to do it alone. 
We were never meant to."
-Brene Brown

We are more stressed, burned out, anxious, depressed, lonely, addicted, indebted, and divided than ever. 

In a world that celebrates individualism, it's more important than ever to collectively and intentionally create community.  Years of biology have proven that we are hard-wired for connection....connection to ourselves and connection to each other. 
It's necessary for us to survive AND thrive.
If you're looking to build and sustain healthy brand communities that provide safety and connection, mental health can't be ignored.   
Let's partner to create more community and compassion.

Let's Work together to change that.

— minaa B.

"Yes, self care is necessary, but so is community care 
we heal for ourselves so that we can collectively
create change together."

trauma-informed therapist

I provide therapeutic programming to normalize and address mental health.
As a trauma-informed therapist, I understand that people must feel safe in order to show up and connect authentically.
The world has experienced a series of collective traumas that revealed our needs.  Now, we have the opportunity to create a new normal with more compassion and connection.


As an awarded former public school educator, I possess years of experience teaching and presenting to engage and impact.
My years in this setting also fostered my compassion and advocacy for
Gen Z.

proven leadership

I bring extensive experience with over 10 years of leading teams with strategy, servanthood, and heart.  My track record of transforming teams and culture is evident by snapshots such as reducing turnover from 50% to 0% in one year and sustaining that over a 6 year period.

What makes me unique

— Ashley Chimiy, The Brand Cure Podcast

"Lea brings powerful insight and fierce love to every conversation and appearance. It was an honor to interview her, and witness her heart and compassion for her audience shining through in her words, her presence, and her stories. Any chance you have to hear her speak, you can be sure she'll create a beautiful space for self-reflection and deeper self-awareness to take root within you."

— Jasmine Sanders, Director at Our Climate

Lea is absolutely phenomenal! During Our Climate’s most recent Resilience as Resistance: Mental Health and Climate Activism event, Lea provided the grounding for our student leaders and all those in attendance. I truly appreciated how Lea wanted to speak to me a week before to hear my vision. Her grounding was the perfect way to start the event, with her love for Gen Z and science shining through and her message of resilience abundantly clear.

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Looking for more interactive opportunities?  I offer workshops, small groups, and other opportunities to work together.


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Let's work together to ensure your event impacts and inspires your audience.
Whether an intimate affair or large gathering, I have experience engaging audiences with humor, knowledge, and relatability.