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work-life sustainability

your employees are stressed, overwhelmed, and grieving

Have you checked your company's pulse lately?
The true pulse of every company is its employees.
Are your employees thriving or merely surviving amid the emotionally, physically, and financially jarring pandemic-era changes in the workplace, home, and the community?

We're living through a public health crisis and its aftermath, social and political unrest, and continued uncertainty.
Your employees are stressed, overwhelmed, burned out, and grieving.

My therapeutic wellness consulting offers a holistic approach to reimagine the workplace with more community, compassion, and competence.  Created with forward thinking organizations in mind, we will partner to help leaders and employees establish work-life sustainability, maintain communication and culture, and create a meaningful work experience. 

Wellness is mental and physical health - and healthy people...
- Sustain healthy organizations.
- Form healthy families.
- Create healthy societies.

people aren't looking to return to normal. people are seeking a new normal.


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Do you know how humanity has thrived to this point? 


That may come as a surprise when you consider that individualism is prioritized in today's society.

However, we are hard wired for connection. 
And forward thinking organizations realize workplaces are a prime opportunity to build community which leads to higher job satisfaction, improved retention, and creative innovation to name a few.

Allow me to help you begin building a thriving workplace culture through holistic, experiential workshops and engagements with a community focus.

therapist, educator, advocate

Hi! I'm Lea

-Ashley Chymiy

"Lea brings powerful insight and fierce love to every conversation and appearance. It was an honor to interview her, and witness her heart and compassion for her audience shining through in her words, her presence, and her stories. Any chance you have to hear her speak, you can be sure she'll create a beautiful space for self-reflection and deeper self-awareness to take root within you."

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"One day you will look back and realize all along you were blooming."

-Morgan Harper Nichols